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 Nuthouse Quiz 1

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PostSubject: Nuthouse Quiz 1   Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:59 am

It's your main phase 1
Your opponent has game next turn
you are playing an exodia based deck.
you have 7 cards in deck 5 being exodia (order for reference: dark magician, dark world dealings , left leg, right arm, right leg, head, left arm)
more than likely the last card in your deck is one of the pieces.
Win this game ASAP.

your life: 3200
opponents life:13100

your hand: dark hole, hope for escape, mystical space typhoon, battle fader, solemn judgment, gift card, self destruct button, , swift scarecrow.

opponents hand: D.D. Crow, Effect veiler, mystical space typhoon, Maxx c, heavy storm, Geargiaccelerator

Your field: 2 facedown backrow ( dark magic curtain, needle ceiling)

opponents field: Gagaga cowboy with one material, 3 Gear Gigant X with one material each, Machina Fortress, Machina Gearframe equipped to one of the Gear gigant x, and 3 face-down backrow (starlight road, compulsory evacuation device, royal decree) and mind drain face up.

Assume your opponent is going to do everything he can to stop you.

Im testing your skill as a player with this. Good luck Very Happy

also to keep this fun for everyone send your answers to my personal message box.
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Nuthouse Quiz 1
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